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Maintaining a landed property in Singapore is a crucial task especially since it is a source of profit to most landowners. Giving your property an updated landed property interior design can surely attract renters and other clients which entails more profit. People tend to go for a property where there will be a lesser need for improvements and renovations. They want a house they can live in without having to worry about changing the lights, doing cable works or repainting. Thus, the more you invest in designing your property, the more clients you will get. Modern interior design, in particular, attracts clients due to its sensibility, simplicity and functionality. Should you need a firm to work on your property’s interior design or renovation, Project Guru is here to help. We are experienced with both small and big renovation projects. From kitchen renovation to full-blown property renovation, we got you covered!

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Landed property interior design pertains to the professional task of designing or renovating a landed property to enhance its aesthetic quality and functionality. This is often done to improve the profitability of the landed property and attract more renters or guests.
The cost of renovating a landed property depends on several factors including the scale of the renovation (full or partial such as kitchen renovation), the allotted time frame for the project, the cost of materials and the rate of the interior designer.
The cost of a kitchen renovation in Singapore may vary depending on the factors such as the design you wish to adopt, the rates of the interior designer, the types of materials you wish to use and whether there are additional works such as plumbing, electrical works and more.
Yes, there is. In fact, there are lots of landed properties in Singapore. Some of our previous clients are landed property owners who wish to update the design of their properties and attract more clients. This is also the reason why we offer a separate landed property interior design service.
Hiring a landed property interior designer in Singapore can have several advantages to offer. Firstly, professional interior designers have a network of suppliers and contractors to make renovation more affordable for you. Additionally, you will have the reassurance to a pleasing outcome.
As an investor or a buyer of real estate property, you would wish to buy a property that needs zero to minimal renovation. Thus, updating your landed property’s interior design can make your property more attractive to potential buyers and may raise the market value as a result.

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