Upper Toh Tuck Terrace

- Upper Toh Tuck Terrace -

Indulging in Luxury . Glitz & Glamour at Home

A sophisticated and elegant atmosphere was our main goal for this client’s landed home. We wanted to create a home with a luxurious ambience that transports its residents into an almost ethereal, fantastical setting.

Using gold and cool tones, we designed a home with all the elements that are ready to provide relaxation any day of the week.

Details Make The Design

Clean, sharp lines dominate the living area of this modern interior design in Singapore to give it a neat and crisp look familiar with the modern luxury design style. However, a tiered hoop chandelier sits in the middle of the living space with crystal adornments and pale brown hoops. With their warm tones and non-glossy finish, the brown hoops complement the gilded accents to create a cohesive whole. The organic curves of the elegant light piece boldly contrast against the rest of the furnishings in the home that bear sharp edges. However, this contrast still melds seamlessly into the living space as it emulates a warm glow that gives the home a gilded hue. Stylish yet modest, this home’s take on luxury combines glamour and modesty


Magnifying the Magnificence of Home

Cool, ashy tones like beige and ash grey form an understated backdrop for this home to shine. Warm-toned lighting illuminates the golden accents, creating a rich, elevated atmosphere throughout. Pale marble is recurrent within the living quarters. This results in a smooth, glossy texture that gives the home a polished look. The pale marble surfaces are complemented by gilded accents that gleam in the light for a subtle dazzle that gives a classy glamour to the living space. Meanwhile, in the resting quarters, polished marble and gilded accents are exchanged for muted wood flooring and furnishings, for a classy and relaxing environment. 

The walls are plastered with grey, marble slabs with a glossy finish for a cool, sophisticated look. At the same time, the floor is tiled with a similar shade of grey, marbled flooring. This gives the living space a sense of cohesion and allows the home to have a blank slate of grey canvas for the other furnishings to work their magic. Gold bands along the walls catch the light and produce a subtle gleam, giving an opulent flair to the room.

Indulge in The Gentle Quiet of The Night

Unlike the brightness of the outside living space, the resting quarters of this modern interior design in Singapore offer a cosier, quieter atmosphere to unwind in. The room features a darker colour palette that creates a dim ambience conducive to relaxation. Dark wood flooring forms the base of the room, making it seem smaller for a cosier atmosphere. Light grey fabric adorns the walls and makes the room seem airier,  balancing out the dark wood floors that seem to constrict the room. Additionally to the fabric walls, fluted dark wood walls are installed adjacent to the bed, adding a variety of textures while keeping to the dark wood theme. Luxury is perfectly embodied through the meticulous attention to detail while managing to keep the room cohesive.

For this project, our greatest issue was toeing the line between excessive decor and perfectly exuding the maximalist inclinations of the luxury aesthetic. We paid extra attention to details, making sure the home was a distinctly modern luxury.