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Project Guru seeks to deliver the best interior design in every project we handle. We believe that home is more than just a living space. Whether you are living in a condo, an apartment, an HDB flat or any form of residential property, we will go the extra mile to transform your house into something that is fitting to be called “home”, a cosy place where you and your family can enjoy quality time together and a place you want to return to after a long day of work. As an interior design company in Singapore that values the family as a crucial factor in the interior designs we offer, we are continuously delivering projects that satisfy our clients’ taste in terms of functionality, appropriateness and aesthetics. There is no project that is too small or too big for Project Guru. Whether it’s a room renovation or a full-blown home makeover, we will give our clients the quality of work they deserve.

We create the most fitting home interior design out of that. Whether it be an HDB, condo or a landed property interior design, your story will be the heart of the project.

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