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HDB flat is among the most common forms of residential property in Singapore. While the flat is pre-designed to be a suitable living space, many homeowners want to add their personal touch to the property. We at Project Guru understand that, as homeowners, we always want our home interior design to resonate with us. Thus, we craft HDB interior design that speaks to the personality of our clients and makes their houses feel more like homes. We love hearing our clients’ stories and aspirations in order for us to offer HDB renovation ideas that will suit our clients’ tastes and requirements. Designing for a small space or a pre-owned home is not new to us either. Thus, you can rest assured that we can do wonders for your HDB resale renovation among other small or big renovation projects you want us to work with. Project Guru inspires creativity in every home, one interior design at a time.

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Yes, it is possible to renovate a condo in Singapore. In fact, most condo owners today are opting for condo renovation right after the purchase to maximise the space which is often limited and improve the aesthetics of their interior.

Most of the tasks to complete your home interior design in Singapore involve the use of drill. In most cases, drilling is allowed when conducting HDB renovation, however, the task must be handled by professional builders to avoid damages on the property.

There are various factors that may affect the renovation process for HDB properties. These include the acquisition of materials, schedule agreed by the designer and the client as well as the complexity of the home interior design. Consult our designers today to learn more.

Should you have no prior experience with doing HDB interior designs in Singapore, it is always advisable to consult a professional interior designer for HDB renovation ideas. This will give you a better insight into the tasks and expenses involved.

Factors such as the cost of materials, the complexity of the design and the agreed timeframe may affect the price of 5-room HDB renovation in Singapore. For a more accurate computation, it is recommended to consult an interior designer or ask for quotation.

Avoid DIY HDB resale renovation at all cost. DIY renovations often cause extra expenses and in some cases, damages to your property as well. You will also have to pay for the public damages if you happen to cause disturbance to your neighbours.

Get a reputable HDB interior design company to avoid hidden charges. Ask for a quotation before the project. Avoid doing DIY renovations. These are some of the tips we can offer to reduce the cost of your HDB resale renovation.

No. At the moment, the Housing Development Board only offers a housing loan which will let you have your HDB flat. You may instead apply for a loan in your bank or in other legal money lending companies in Singapore.

There is no specific marker for a good renovation budget. What you can do is go beyond what is written in the quotation for the HDB resale renovation. Thus, in case of extra expenses, which rarely happen, you will be covered.

HDB renovation ideas always come first. From these ideas, we can create a plan and adjust it according to the renovation requirements of the unit. Then, we can draft a quotation for you to have a reference for the budget.

It depends on the HDB interior design company you are working with. It is good to talk to the company and see the inclusions in the quotation and contract to see what are included in the HDB resale renovation package.

Things To Consider Before An HDB Renovation Project

Before Realising Your HDB Renovation Ideas, Here are a Few Words…

HDB interior design differs from other services we offer because of the limitations set by the Housing Development Board in renovating HDB flats. Here are some of the things you should consider before embarking on your HDB interior design plan:

  • Be realistic

While we will do our best to offer you the best HDB interior design in Singapore, it is worth setting the expectations that some renovation works are not feasible for HDB flats. It is good to communicate your concerns to us in every phase of the project so we can shed light on grey areas of the project.

  • Know the Rules

You will be doing us a favour if you could secure a copy of the policies from your HDB administrator so we can review what can and cannot be done for the HDB resale renovation. It will also help you set proper expectations as well.

  • Set a Budget

As we always remind our clients, saving up for the HDB resale renovation is essential. It will help you avoid running out of funds. You may request a quotation so you can have an estimate of the budget that needs to be allotted.

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