Woodlands Ave 6

Woodland Ave 6 Modern Contemporary Design

It is a Home for a family of 5!
Husband & wife, 2 grown-up sons and a daughter with 3 lovely cats altogether!

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Create ‘Space’ & Resolve Storage Issue

In this home interior design in Singapore, demolishing the walls is done in order to bring more natural light into the house. We also achieved the space impression by combining the living and dining with an open concept kitchen. To create ample storage space for everybody in the house, we optimize and plan for built-in cabinets in every allowance area.

Area for Fishing and Cycling Hobbies

The owner’s hobbies are fishing & cycling so we designed a dedicated room for him in this home interior design! The sliding glass door entrance is inspired by the tackle shop concept, similar fashion for the see-through cabinet doors to showcase his favorite fishing rods/reels and all the collectibles. The right side wall is reserved to display his bike and accessories!

The Pets’ Little Place

A customized cabinet is designed at the back portion of the house (service yard) to provide litter space for the cats.

The Foyer

Spanish black and white tiles are well defined in the foyer area to create that exclusive and welcoming factor! It’s also in-line with the entrance shoe cabinet which give a clear demarcation before transiting into the other part of the house.

The Living

Selection of cabinetry materials and color is consistent throughout the foyer and living to achieve the uniform look and feel. Dark wood laminate with lighter Color for the cabinet doors to better contrast and created the modern ‘fisherman’ house theme!

The Kitchen

A different approach is being applied in the kitchen area for this kitchen renovation in Singapore. Shade of grey with white marble worktop modernised the area, and the presence of the island in the middle achieved the European kitchen feel.

The Dining

A well planned design is to be able to combine the area and yet at the same time also to proportionally balance out the space. In this respect, we managed to define out the living area, dining area, Island and kitchen space.

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