Canberra Way

We are delighted to present it with a 'brand-new' modern industrial by adding dark-shade green into the interior.

The first ‘WOW’ when entering here is the ‘very green’ painted wall!

It’s a cohesive surprisingly soothing look!

The beauty of industrial design ironically lies in its deception: what looks incomplete and unrefined is.
Adding a pop of dark-shade green has the power to completely transform this home become another level of ‘industrial look’.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Black-framed Doors

The entertainment room is designed with black-framed doors which is simple but impactful, befitting the industrial theme! It works great to separate the room, at the same time create an airy open-concept space.

Kitchen Area

The brick found in the backsplash and mesh door cabinets are appealing thanks to the rawness of their materials and functionality. The lighting and wooden table with metal chairs in the dining area become twice as important to help create a space that feels like an abandoned factory! This kitchen renovation in Singapore created a good place to enjoy your western dinner here with a delectable song - 'The Way You Look Tonight'.

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