kitchen renovation singapore

Having a home renovation in Singapore can be a good idea to makeover your interior! Having a new atmosphere that is pleasing to the eyes can give a more positive disposition and a new outlook in life. Should you wish to start on a clean slate with a new condo, kitchen, HDB or BTO renovation, Project Guru is here to help. Home renovation is more than just filling the space with aesthetics. We provide small to large-scale home renovation ideas that go beyond beautiful, aiming to deliver renovations that are functional and can make staying at home a worthwhile experience.

Safety for the erderly in the kitchen

4 Tips To Design An Elderly-Friendly Kitchen

As we grow older, even tasks that were once simple can seem daunting with age. Our muscles gradually lose strength, and our bones tend to shrink in size and density. These factors also make us more susceptible to injuries should we suffer a bad fall. Naturally, you can see how the kitchen may potentially be…
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Your HDB home’s Interior Design what to do and where to start

Your HDB Home’s Interior Design: What to Do and Where to Start

PART 1 – INTRODUCTIONIt’s always an exciting time when you begin planning a makeover for your new HDB flat. However, as you begin discussing your HDB renovation ideas with your partner, things can start to seem overwhelming. From the living room to the bathroom, it seems like there is plenty to do in a limited…
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