iNz Residence Condo

INz Residences Condo Interior Design

Embrace The Current With Raw Edges . Boldness & The Classics


Style and evoking a sense of calm were our main priorities for this two-stories condominium unit. We adopted the contemporary as our main design style, with touches of industrialism to add a unique edginess to this home.


Inspiration was drawn from the mid-century modern style as well for a funky twist on the classic contemporary style, truly embodying the concept behind the style: spontaneity and versatility. 

Housing A Blend of Designs Under One Roof

This home presents a delightful and tasteful mix of design principles from the mid-century modern interior design in Singapore, industrialism and a current aesthetic. The home seems wholly contemporary, but closer inspection reveals the raw touches of industrialism and subtle takeaways from the mid-century modern style. Wood and pale flooring in neutral grey and ivory tones encompass the entire home to render it distinctly contemporary.

Meanwhile, dark metal pendant lights and black metallic accents run in the foreground of this home interior design to remind you of its subtle connections to the industrial aesthetic.

The expanse of vertical space is emphasized with a floor-to-ceiling feature wall consisting of graceful wooden fluting in this living space. A cool, ash-grey wood tone is chosen for this home interior design in Singapore to remain cohesive in the neutral colour palette, and ivory marble flooring extending into the dining room gives the entire room a gentle, soft glow. While the size of the living room proves itself to be a quaint feature of the house, the smallness of the living room does not feel constrained. The full-length glass windows let in ample natural light to create the illusion of space, and the long wires of the pendant lights accentuate the abundant vertical space within the home. While cementing itself as a distinctly contemporary home with touches of industrialism, a jewel-toned emerald wall is reminiscent of the mid-century modern home renovation ideas that favour deep and saturated colours. The cool green blends perfectly with the ashy greys around the home, creating a graceful blend of aesthetic styles.




Optimizing Vertical Space For Tranquil Relaxation

Retreating Into Quiet Bliss

Space is a blessing for this tranquil bedroom. A faux walkway is created with the bold installation of a full-sized, floor-to-ceiling dark wood wardrobe. The darkness of the wardrobe dims the walkway, giving it a relaxing, understated atmosphere leading into the room. Within the bedroom. Natural light is aplenty with full-length sliding doors and cream walls that further brighten up the area. The use of grey wood from the living room continues into the master bedroom. Cool shades of grey perfectly balance out the brightness of the room, creating the perfect ambience for relaxing after a long day.

To reimagine classical contemporary design and adapt it to mid-century modern sensibilities and the roughness of industrialism proved to be a daunting task. Nevertheless, the unique design request presented us with a valuable opportunity to display our creativity and flexibility.