Water Place Condo

Breathe New Life into The Past with A Touch of Modernity

For this condo interior design in Singapore, we sought to create a whimsical, peaceful atmosphere that was welcoming and inviting to its residents.

The highlight of this condominium was its spaciousness. Besides emphasizing its space, we wanted to give it a bright, airy atmosphere that would make it much more enjoyable to hang out in.

A Modern Take On A Classic Design

This home is uniquely Victorian for the modern palate. White and cream hues are used all over the home to emphasize the home’s abundance of natural light, further brightening the home for an airy look. Within the boundaries of typical Victorian interior design, there was still creative room for us to play and depict different moods in the home. 

We drew up two design concepts, one that integrated shades of taupe and greige into the living space, and another that endured a white monochromatic colour palette.





A Tasteful Amalgamation of Design Transcending Time & Space

For both our modern interior design concepts in Singapore, the home’s highlight, the full-length windows that let natural light flood in were emphasized. In revamping the classic Victorian aesthetic for our modern-day clients, heavy curtains that guarded the past Victorian windows were exchanged in favour of sheer drapes that allows light to fall on every corner of the house. A white ceiling and polished marble floor reflected the light around the house, keeping the home brightly illuminated.

Our first modern interior design concept included a greige drawer set that matched the grey marbled flooring. This gave the living space a quainter, traditionally British look that made the space seem more homely. The second design concept had a distinctly 21st-century flavour to it with longer glass shelving that accentuated the vertical space of the home. An all-white colour scheme inspires a calmer, more modern vibe that appeals to more modern clients.

Calm . Quaint, & Perfect for Relaxation

The cosy Victorian aesthetic extends into the resting areas, providing a pleasant setting for our clients to lounge and recline in. Our first design concept features a floor-to-length wardrobe adorned with rectangular wooden panelling that resembles the signature curbed arches of the Victorian aesthetic. The traditional arches were given up for an angular, geometric design that catered better to modern tastes. The same shade of greige in the living room is carried into the resting area, painted in the wardrobe’s panelling to act as a mid-tone tying the dark wood flooring and white walls together. 


The second design concept offered the same all-white colour palette that modernized the room, giving it an icy, cold feeling that accentuated a sense of calm. The modern coolness was, however, staved off with intricate panelling on the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. The panels broke up the monotony of the monochromatic, bulky wardrobe, softening the imposing effect of the large furniture.

The result is an airy, peaceful haven that answers the modern need for relaxation and serenity amidst hectic lifestyles. 

Adopting the signature Victorian design aesthetic and reimagining it for modern preferences posed a daunting challenge.
In looking back at the basics and reexamining the principles of Victorian design, we were able to modify it for contemporary tastes.