Marsiling Greenview

Marsiling Greenview HDB Resale Renovation

Light Industrial Meets Contemporary to Embrace Raw Edges

With the goal of maximizing space and establishing a quiet calm, we decided to do away with the pre-fabricated HDB walls in favour of an open concept. By heavily incorporating neutral tones from contemporary design and taking inspiration from Scandinavian design’s earthiness to emulate the silent serenity of nature, we created an inviting home that our clients enjoy coming back to after a tiring day.


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The living area for this HDB resale renovation boasts the simplicity and earthiness of stone textured finishing, highlighting the gorgeous aesthetics of a TV feature wall. We provided clients with a selection of materials for the feature wall, ensuring affordability without compromising on the luxurious aesthetic. Moreover, the terraced, wood-layered TV console compartments provide additional space for an air purifier, among other utilities.

Stylish Design that Blends Both The Modern & Simplicity

Classic cold tones of the contemporary aesthetic were ditched in this HDB interior design in favour of light neutral tones that gave the home an airy and calming look. One of the focal features of this HDB flat was the large windows that let in an abundance of ample light. To complement the brightness of the home, dark tones and metallic textures borrowed from industrialism were added for a mellow juxtaposition to the home. While both design styles contribute to the serene atmosphere, minimalism in the living area maximizes the living space in this cosy HDB unit.

A Cool Amalgamation

Marsiling Greenview HDB Living Room Interior Design

A faux hallway is created with the installation of dark wood, floor-to-ceiling fluted feature wall. True to this home’s roots in minimalism, the feature wall doubles as a storage cabinet for the homeowner, freeing up floor space in the home for an airy feel. The abundance of natural light in the home enhances its breeziness. As a result of the ivory walls that reflect light throughout the entire space, our clients enjoy a sense of serenity and warmth. This apartment is finished with dark wood flooring and a dark stone wall feature that makes a mellow contrast to the lightness of the walls. With its polished blend of aesthetics, this space offers a breath of fresh air after a long day of work.

Exude Youthful Creativity in The Children’s Room

Our clients were parents with young children, so we sought to carefully design living spaces that would be nurturing and safe for their children. The children’s room showcases a full wardrobe with casement door and open shelves that have reachable height so that children can organize their belongings independently. The room is also matted with a comfortable rug so that children can play safely. By using childlike wallpaper designs, we created a warm, innocent and soothing ambience appropriate for children.

Marsiling Greenview HDB Bedroom Interior Design
Marsiling Greenview HDB Childrens Bedroom Ideas

Easy Living with Practicality & Sophistication

Elegant industrialism commands the dining area, juxtaposing against the mellow and soothing living room. Sharp, clean lines are aplenty and give the cooking space a clean, sophisticated appearance. Minimalism bleeds cleverly into the space with decorative lattice structures that function as wine holders, marble surfaces that offer practicality with their easy-to-clean surface, and ebony cabinet doors that hide stains. Appearing like a work of art, the space never loses its touch of contemporary aesthetics with multifunctional, chic decor that offers our clients the best of both worlds: style and functionality. 


A tasteful dining room that is both pragmatic and sophisticated allows our clients to dine at home in comfort and style. The open space layout of the kitchen in this home renovation in Singapore creates a dazzling sensibility by inviting copious amounts of sunlight for full visual delight. We intentionally built a 4-seater bar area for communal gathering and cooking. Additional storage cabinets fixed in with a built-in oven provide plenty of flexibility for storage and organization. Against the luxurious backdrop of grey cabinets and gold detailing, we expertly blend functionality and aesthetics in one.

Sweep into the luxurious walk-in wardrobe and you would hardly notice you are in an HDB apartment. We combined a cloakroom with a dressing table that could be doubled up as a study room. This spacious multifunctional area is a dream for both husband and wife. In one stroke, we provide that a well-designed HDB resale apartment can be luxurious, stylish and inspiring.

Modern Ambience In The Master Bedroom

Retreat into the master bedroom and you will notice a well-designed space that breaks away from the rest of the house. The main bedroom space is designed to maximize the functional and visual space. Built-in LED lights provide a warm, soothing lux that remains comfortable to the eye while imbuing the room with an unapologetic ambience suitable for any occasion. Marble textured tiles outline the walls and floors of the bathroom, making any hotelier aesthetic proud. Not only are the finishing touches beautiful, they are also functional in that stains and grime are easily cleaned away. We also purposely designed an inclined shower screen to separate the wet and dry areas of the bathroom, while balancing the tradeoff between intimate privacy and spaciousness.

A Harmonious Synergy Across Spaces

Space is the main asset of this HDB unit and what we maximize for the HDB interior design. Extending across the entirety of the room is a full-size, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with a matte, ebony texture. The cabinet design from the kitchen carries into the bedroom, unifying the entire home and branding its own unique shade of contemporary and industrial design. There is a nod to the living room’s wooden floors in the bedroom, making it cosier and giving it a sense of continuity. The low bed platforms from the HDB resale renovation create a harmonious expression of the room’s spaciousness, accentuating the gorgeous expanse of space. Similarly, the shoe cabinet boasts an all-in-one combined DB box, shoe storage space, and a settee – thus providing high functionality in a compact arrangement.

The wide space of this home provided a creative playground for us to run wild in. The challenge of combining diverse design aesthetics proved difficult, but we were rewarded with a creative badge of honour that reflected our creative flexibility.