Rebuild Calmness At Home to Relax In True Serenity

The landed property interior design idea for this unit in Singapore brings with it the luxury of space for us to play around with. Equipped with such a wide expanse of space to play around with, we wanted to create a cool, calming atmosphere for our clients to rest in. Neutral tones and cool, grey shades dominate the home for a modest yet sophisticated appearance.

Stylish Homeliness Refreshes The Spirit

Contemporary styles, with their call for minimalism, help to showcase the home’s spaciousness. White, beige, grey and black colours form the muted backdrop, letting rich and bold decor take the centre stage in classic contemporary fashion. While this style emboldens striking decor to stand out, minimalism is one of the primary design principles to emphasise the space. Less is more in this design aesthetic, so primary furniture fixtures were carefully selected to have organic curves, geometric shapes and complementary textures so that the home would embody minimalism, yet stand out as uniquely contemporary with the careful selection of furnishings.



Magic In The Details


True to its contemporary aesthetic, an ornate table with various types of dark wood, banded gold edge and a glossy surface sits in the middle of the living room. The organic curves of the table offer a cheeky juxtaposition to the sharp, clean lines in the room. While the geometric contrast seems jarring, the table’s dark cool tones remain cohesive with the grey granite flooring, pale grey shelving and marble feature wall.



The table’s gold banding isn’t irrelevant either. Gold accents are scattered throughout the living space from gold living on the feature wall, down to the light champagne gold cushions. The details seem minor, but tie the whole living room together into a spontaneous stage for the elegant decor to shine in.

Lights Down For Quiet Tranquillity


The main emphasis of this lounge is the wide space it is equipped with. Grey shelving that extends throughout the length of the lounge accentuates the size of the lounging area. The low height of the shelves closes in on the room, giving it a cosy and quaint feel.


Backlights are also installed behind the shelving to illuminate the walls and act as ambient lighting, which gives off a dimmer glow that creates the perfect, soothing atmosphere to recline in after a long day.

Calming The Contrasting Colours

The living space outside showcases the space and decor in a sophisticated contemporary landed property interior design in Singapore, while the kitchen makes full use of its generous space. White, glossy porcelain tiles line the walls. A contrasting black surface covers the back of the counters. The glossy surfaces reflect light, and in their own way stand out from the matte flooring and wooden cabinet. Even though the black and white surfaces are a stark contrast, we retain a coherent and understated look by adding a mid-tone wood for the cabinet shelving. Simplicity takes the lead with the understated walls and flooring that allows the furnishings to shine, elevating this home to a sophisticated retreat.

Emulating this modest, classic design style and effectively using the wide space for a luxurious and soothing atmosphere was not an easy feat. However, the quirky design request gave us a wonderful opportunity to showcase our spontaneity and ability to adapt to true contemporary fashion.