Tanjong Rhu Road

We concentrated on creating a space that was as tranquil and peaceful as possible for this home renovation project. Through design cues like borrowed minimalism and other Scandinavian design aesthetic components, we aimed to create a home with this kind of vibe. It promotes relaxation due to its clarity and simplicity of design.

Tanjong Rhu Road Condo Renovation

The Orient

For this condo renovation in Singapore, we focused on creating an environment as relaxing and zen as possible. We sought to deliver a home with such an atmosphere through design elements such as borrowed from minimalism and some elements of the Scandinavian design aesthetic. Its simplicity and clean design are conducive to relaxation.


In The Living Room

This white monochromatic home is complemented by luxurious wood accents, that pays homage to the East Asian tradition of using light coloured bamboo wood. Including wooden panels in the design of the home mimics the signature Japanese feature, the Shinjo screen. To further emphasize the Oriental theme of the home, wooden lattice structures were also integrated into the living space as sliding doors and cabinet doors.


Redesigning Heritage For The Modern Homeowner

This Oriental-inspired home takes inspiration from the rich East Asian heritage and is modernized with Scandinavian design principles like minimalism. These two modern interior designs in Singapore overlap to create a traditional home that evokes calm, a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of life. With Asian oriental influences interwoven throughout the home, and a modern Scandinavian touch, it is the perfect setting for our clients to return to and unwind.


Serenity In The Quarters

Plain white walls and complementary light wood furniture encompass the master bedroom for a bright and airy look. This room seeks modern inspiration from the Scandinavian aesthetic with its minimal furnishings. The low bed platform is a single fixture connected to the side tables and extends the vertical space from the ceiling. The single fixture in the room reduces the need for additional furniture and further opens up available space in the room for a spacious room. The minimal furniture needed for this room pays respect to the Scandinavian aesthetic of minimalist design, where only the bare essentials are used to craft a simple and uncluttered design.

Tranquillity In The Bedroom

The tranquil atmosphere from the living room carries into the bedroom, with the use of light, pastel hues. The rooms are kept simple with minimal decor, but it is still distinctly Oriental as the use of light wood and wooden panels can be seen in every corner of the room. Light coloured wooden flooring is also used to match the light wood panels. A wood-lined hallway is also implemented to give the wide space a quaint feel. While space is slightly compromised by lining the walkway walls with wood, the cosiness it provides gives our client a sense of safety and creates a zen atmosphere. The challenge of updating a stubbornly traditional aesthetic for the modern client was a unique feat, but one that provided a valuable opportunity for us to demonstrate our creative versatility.