Canberra Drive

. A Home with Rough Edges Reveals Its Character

Canberra Drive HDB Interior Design

Design Collaborations That Cross Boundaries

Embodying the ethos of contemporary industrial interior design in Singapore, the home is understated and embraces its raw edges, boldly displaying its flaws while being wholly functional. The aesthetic of the client's home takes its cues from its roots in industrial design, particularly in its clean lines, cool grey tones and open floor plan. However, we elevate this barebones aesthetic to create a more comfortable home they want to return to, by overlapping elements from the contemporary design aesthetic. We selected key elements such as the use of wooden flooring, metal and stone textures and combined it with the dark colour palette of the industrial aesthetic to trim away the rough edges of a classic industrial aesthetic, while carefully crafting a sophisticated and elegant look.


Airy . Spacious Living Quarters

Larger floor plans and tall ceilings are associated with industrial HDB interior designs. Due to the small size, however, this HDB unit introduced a unique set of challenges. In order to accommodate the client's desire for an all-inclusive industrial house, we implemented an open floor plan for maximum living space in this house. Living quarters were enlarged by integrating the dining area with the living room.

Raw Serenity In The Bedroom

The bedroom features a lighter shade of cool grey tones to create a vibrant and airy space that adheres to the industrial theme of the living room. Using a floor-to-ceiling wooden cabinet in this charming bedroom, we maximized vertical space and occupied very little floor space.

Dark metal pendant lights were chosen for the main lighting due to their minimalist appearance and exposed wiring, which gave the room a finishing touch of industrialism.  Merging contemporary design with classic industrial elements for a modern 21st century home was a feat, yet one of great value in terms of creative potential. The marled grey tiles covered the living room floor to ceiling, creating the illusion of space and mimicking the cement finishes found in industrial homes. The pale grey speckled flooring also extended from the living room to the kitchen, creating a sense of continuity and cohesiveness between the spaces.

Function & Aesthetics In The Kitchen

This industrial kitchen renovation in Singapore was carried through into the kitchen in which no partition walls were present, further maximizing the space. Overhead cabinets were installed to take advantage of vertical space and keep the kitchen from feeling cramped. A full-length counter was also installed to emphasize the length of the kitchen. Light ceramic tiles were used on the kitchen walls to reflect light and brighten up the space against the ebony cabinets and dark wood floors. It offers both functionality and aesthetics as it is easy to clean, embracing the multifunctional concept of industrial contemporary design.