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Celebrating The Contemporary With A Dedication to The Design

Evoking a cool, serene atmosphere was our primary objective of this home project.

Neutral tones and clean lines formed a muted setting that gave the home a warm and cosy look.
This blend of design elements elevated the homeliness of this client’s living space.

Sophistication in Single Designs

Signature features of the contemporary design were plenty in this client’s living space. Neutral cool tones, sharp and geometric lines laid the foundations for this home, identifying itself as a unique modern interior design in Singapore. A matte grey feature wall with crisp, geometric shapes acts as the focal point of the room. Brick red boundaries segregate the different shapes, keeping this wall cohesive with the rest of the accented dark tones of the living space. Dark brown sits in the foreground as a striking contrast against the other white walls and the pale wood floor. This juxtaposition gives the place an interesting dimension that elevates the space.

A Melting Pot of Harmonious Contrasts

In this client’s living room as well as the kitchen renovation, there were lots of signature aspects of contemporary design. The foundations for this residence were laid by neutral cold tones, sharp and geometric lines, defining it as uniquely modern. The room’s focal point is a matte grey feature wall with clean, geometric shapes. The diverse shapes are separated by brick red limits, keeping this wall consistent with the remainder of the living space’s accentuated dark tones. The dark brown in the foreground contrasts sharply with the other white walls and pale wood floor. This juxtaposition adds an additional dimension to the room, elevating the space.

Recreating Al Fresco at Home

An open floor plan is adopted to showcase the kitchen’s space. Storage options are aplenty with full-length floor-to-ceiling cupboards, overhead shelving and an island counter that comes with storage as well. The dining area wins with an airiness that makes the dining experience all the more enjoyable. While stylish, the kitchen does not lose out on functionality. White porcelain tiles that offer easy maintenance and tie in with the light wooden flooring. With an open area, our clients are able to enjoy their meal without feeling cramped.


Heads in The Clouds With Vertical Heights

A quaint bedroom is incomplete until floor space is closed in on to evoke a warm feeling of cosiness. Like the living room, dark tones are present in every corner of the room, giving it a relaxing dim. While the tall cupboard closes in our clients for a pleasant and warm atmosphere, the tall headboard accentuates the height of the ceiling. By emphasizing vertical space, the cramped feeling created by the wardrobe is dispelled, elevating the relaxing experience beyond the constraints of space.

Playing with the space of this home was a rewarding creative exploration. The large space provides more scope for style, while balancing the emphasis on the space and the need for cosiness was a challenge we gladly undertook.