Canberra View

Canberra View BTO Renovation

Bringing Function & Style Together
For Everyday Living

Functionality and evoking a cheery atmosphere were our main priorities for this BTO renovation project. Space is a common constraint for BTO projects, so we also sought to maximize the amount of space available in the home for storage, and aimed to be as functional as possible in the execution of this home. Rather than the classic cool tones of contemporary design style, we opted for bright ivory tones to brighten the area. We merged this with minimalism to create a functional and aesthetic home for the modern resident.

Turning The Classics On Their Head

The backbone of this modern interior design in Singapore is the contemporary style. Signature features of this style include wood, clean lines and organic curves. With the aim of a bright and cheery home in mind, we subverted the classic cool grey tones of the contemporary style into ivory tones, instead of using grey shades as accent colours. Minimalism was also one of the main design principles used to maximize the apartment space. The result of this project is a modern, well-lit, space-saving space underpinned by clever space-saving options.

Illuminating the darkness with white

Maximizing space was one of the primary objectives of this project. Utilizing floating shelves and furniture that has no bottom weight, this design helped to create the illusion of space by emphasizing open space. A monochromatic white colour scheme paired with light woods will allow light to bounce around the room, illuminating even the darkest areas. The pale wood flooring contributes to the reflection of light in the room, and its closeness to the ivory walls gives a sense of continuity to the space and enhances its visual size. Elegant fluted wooden walls tower over the whole apartment, accentuating its vertical height. The eclectic mix of functionality and style creates a living space that echoes currency design.

Quaint & Cosy Win The Hearts

Just as bright and light as the living room, the kitchen is also monochromatic, but with metallic accents of pale brown and grey that add a funky flair to the room's elegance. Despite its size, the kitchen is surprisingly charming with its cosy and quaint atmosphere. Wooden flooring in a herringbone arrangement lends a quirky, homely feel to the kitchen, softening the cold elegance of the all-white kitchen that uniquely embodies the versatility and spontaneity of contemporary design.

Enlivening Home With Playful Juxtapositions

Serenity seeps from the walls in this soothing bedroom retreat. Space is strategically maximised with the use of a bed nook. While a bed nook may cause the space to feel cramped, it is illuminated with overhead spotlights that give the illusion of open space.

The pale wood used for the construction of the bed nook also maintains its cohesiveness with the study nook adjacent to the table. Overhead cabinets and a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe make effective use of vertical space and occupy minimal floor space. With such minimal fixtures in the room, the contemporary theme manifests in the playful use of track lights. The track lights offer a visual break from the bulk of the wardrobe, playfully juxtaposing the bulk of the wardrobe with the minimalism of the track lights.