Combining Cosiness . Comfort & Style

For A Welcoming Abode

We wanted to create a worn-in, comfortable feel that was warm and inviting to its residents for this HDB unit. To evoke such an ambience in the home, we adopted the rustic chic farmhouse aesthetic that struck the perfect balance between quaint yet stylish.
. Back to Basics for A Homely Feel .

White tones were applied throughout the house for a bright, crisp and fresh look, complemented by wooden furnishings that lent the home a softer touch, balancing out the starkness of the white. Different textures such as exposed brick, wood slats and an assortment of wood textures were integrated into the living space to add dimension to the space.

The Living

The living room is the helipad of the hallmark features of the chic farmhouse aesthetics. Painted white all over, the walls help to reflect light around the house for a cheery atmosphere. Crown moulding on the ceiling edges helps to soften the sharp lines and angles of the walls, and a glass partition door accentuates the space within the home for an airy feel.

A Seamless Mix of Details

Ash grey wooden flooring is arranged in a herringbone pattern to create dimension and add personality to the space. A series of seemingly mismatched wooden furnishings that, upon closer look, are pleasantly cohesive due to their strict adherence to the rustic theme. Imperfections take centre stage and create an atmosphere of a home with its charming meld of seemingly mismatched furnishings.

Every Home Has Its Own Charm

The dining room adjacent to the living space shares the ash grey herringbone flooring and the white walls that illuminate the dimness of the dining space. Warm, orange-toned dining furniture is the main piece of furniture in this space. The chairs feature a fluted backrest echoing the wooden slats in the living room, ensuring continuity between both areas. The glass partition doors make an impression again in the dining room where white windows open into the kitchen for a lighter feel.

The Kitchen

The kitchen, small and quaint, bears features similar to the outside living area. White terrazzo counter tops are included for additional dimension in the home, the irregular pattern of it creating a harmonious cacophony of textures in the home. Vertical space is also fully utilized with overhead cabinets that add onto the quaintness of the kitchen. In true farmhouse fashion, track lights capture the rustic, exposed aesthetic of the style.

Relax in the Serenity of The Quiet Room

Calm and serenity were the main design objectives of the room. Natural light is aplenty in this tranquil bedroom, which illuminates every corner of the room. A full length, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is installed opposite the window. White accentuates the light and space in this room for a breezy look that instantly lifts one’s mood. Gold accent handles stand out against the white wardrobe doors, adding a spruce touch of elegance to the room. A dark wood ceiling fan provides a daring juxtaposition against the monochromatic white background with a honeycomb lamp, giving the room a cute accent that adds to its homely atmosphere.

Creative Mission

Embodying the quaintness of the farmhouse aesthetic was a creative task that posed a significant challenge to us. However, by sticking to the basics and looking for common denominators in the accent pieces, we were able to create a cohesive and chic home that welcomed its residents.

Our Pleasure To Be Your Designer

Despite the changes even in the midst of the renovation works, the designer is patient and willing to compromise to do adjustments. She is responsiveness to our feedback and queries. She would shared useful and practical solutions to our designs
Wang Zhuxuan Alcia
He is very reasonable, flexible and agile. All renovations will definitely create issues or disagreements but the important thing is how we resolve these issues. He always analyze the issue throughly and come back to us with few options for solutions and often times bringing his experience to suggest alternatives.
Claren Ang
We were impressed by her commitment and dedication to the project when she went to the unit after midnight by herself just to follow up on some issues.
Dennis Fu