Modern Interior Design Singapore

Having a home renovation in Singapore can be a good idea to makeover your interior! Having a new atmosphere that is pleasing to the eyes can give a more positive disposition and a new outlook in life. Should you wish to start on a clean slate with a new condo, kitchen, HDB or BTO renovation, Project Guru is here to help. Home renovation is more than just filling the space with aesthetics. We provide small to large-scale home renovation ideas that go beyond beautiful, aiming to deliver renovations that are functional and can make staying at home a worthwhile experience.

monochromatic living room

How To Recreate The Monochromatic Decorating Trend in Your Home

Have you been scouring the internet looking for home renovation ideas to inspire your HDB makeover project? Given the wealth of interior design trends available, we understand how challenging it can be to make your decision. After all, you donโ€™t want to fall into the trap of following a short-lived trend. In that case, why…
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Luxury Spa Style Bathroom

How to Create A Luxury Spa Style Bathroom At Home

Bathrooms are among the most essential rooms in a home. The bathroom is not only used daily, but is also one of the most important rooms that prospective buyers look at when you are selling your home. Besides, taking warm baths is part of how many of us unwind after a long week of work,…
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