7 Most Popular Interior Design Singapore

Having a home renovation in Singapore can be a good idea to makeover your interior! Having a new atmosphere that is pleasing to the eyes can give a more positive disposition and a new outlook in life. Should you wish to start on a clean slate with a new condo, kitchen, HDB or BTO renovation, Project Guru is here to help. Home renovation is more than just filling the space with aesthetics. We provide small to large-scale home renovation ideas that go beyond beautiful, aiming to deliver renovations that are functional and can make staying at home a worthwhile experience.

What is the Modern Interior Style

“Modern” is often misunderstood as the same thing as “Contemporary”. Lexically speaking, these two are synonymous with each other and generally do share the same meaning. But in interior designing and architecture, there is a weight to the difference that these two terms hold.

The Modern Style dates back to a period in time during the 20th Century when this design movement began. Interior Modernism promoted the use of neutral colors along with earthy tones, and cut down on unnecessary details. While this style can still often be seen using splashes of colors as accent points, neutral palettes are still the prevailing factors when it comes to Modern designs.

Signature Elements of the Modern Style

– Clean lines

– Bare windows, or paired with white, clear curtains

– Neutral color schemes

– Low, flat, horizontal furniture

– Earthy tones

Less curves and more straight, horizontal, and vertical lines are prioritised in modern architecture and interior design. Concrete and other structural components, such as beams, are frequently left exposed.

Modern interior design is uncomplicated and plain, and it is influenced by German architecture and design. Functionality is this style’s most crucial attribute. The emphasis on clutter-free areas is the central principle of contemporary interior design. A thing is not added if it serves no use.  

Due to the influence of Scandinavian architecture, numerous windows are essential in modern interior design to allow natural light to pass through although they are often left simple and unelaborated. Modern interior design may be fused with other interior design to add more distinct themes to the interior space. Here are some of the variations when it comes to modern interior design.

Modern Luxury Interior Design

Modern Luxury Interior Design explores the idea of classical grandeur and opulence, with an extravagant style, a luxurious atmosphere, and an elegant grace. Homes and offices with luxury modern interior design frequently feature opulent furnishings, attractive neutral colour schemes, and high-end materials in their finishing touches. The elegant mood is enhanced by the carefully chosen ornamental accents from around the globe and the ingenious lighting. Modern luxury interior design  has a truly traditional overall style. Think of the classical Greek temples with ceramic and gold themes but with fewer to no curve lines, that is what Modern luxury interior design looks like.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design

Despite the fact that the words contemporary and modern are occasionally used synonymously, they are not the same in the interior design industry. They signify many, nuanced furniture and interior design styles. When referring to designs, the term “modern” distinguishes between those made after World War II. Clean lines, simplicity, and utility are some of its qualities due to the lack of building materials as well as electricity post war. On the other hand, the term “contemporary” designates styles that are current. The problem is that the definition of “present-day” evolves throughout time. As a result, contemporary design is ever evolving and cannot be coined by certain characteristics. When combined together as modern contemporary interior design, this style often features strong contrasting colours in a neutral palette. The materials used in both architecture and decorations are a mix of organic and synthetic origins.

Modern Japanese Interior Design

Respect for tradition is important to Japanese design. It has changed with time, but always in consideration of the culture and tradition that gave them elements they could not modify. In addition, what the rest of the world referred to as modernity was known as tradition in Japan. Through the years, their interior design had included the ideas of minimalism, simplicity, and cleanliness. Modern and technologically advanced construction techniques, as well as the materials employed, like steel and concrete, are thus the only things that distinguish modern Japanese interior design from its traditional counterpart. In modern Japanese interior design, people will still be able to see elements such as Genkan (the low level doorway), Shoji Panels (the dividers with translucent screens) and Tatami Flooring.

Modern Scandinavian Interior Design

The balance between cosiness and minimalism that defines Scandinavian architecture is captured in Scandinavian interior design. Some of its characteristics mirror modernism because it was one of the interior design movements that influenced and developed alongside modern interior design in the 20th century. The major goal of modern Scandinavian interior design is to produce an atmosphere that promotes feelings of comfort, warmth, and cosiness. Just the perfect amount of furniture and decor is used in modern Scandinavian interior design; neither more nor less. Likewise with colour schemes. The predominant colour schemes in modern Scandinavian interior design are peaceful and neutral, with accents of white, grey, black and wood accents.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

Modern elements are incorporated into a rustic, cabin-like, farmhouse type home in a Modern Farmhouse interior design. The phrase could also be used to refer to interior design techniques employed in a few modern interiors that feature rustic or farmhouse-style elements. The end product is a cosy and welcoming home with modernised amenities, furniture, decoration and building materials. One of the most crucial elements in a Modern Farmhouse Interior Design is the flooring because it may be used throughout the entire interior, tying the different areas together. Tiles that seem like raw cement or wood planks are the most typical flooring choices for modern farmhouse interior design.

Modern Victorian Interior Design

More is more in Victorian design, which is one of the main tenets of this aesthetic. especially when it comes to the specifics of the furniture and decor in the room. Victorian furniture frequently has an excessive amount of tufting, fringes, elaborated hems, or skirting on it. However, in Modern Victorian Interior Design, it is done in a little more modern and abstract style. For instance, Victorian style sofas may be used to accent a neutral coloured wall. The use of lamp shades with fringed hem may also be prevalent but the body of the lampshades may be streamlined to straight lines in contrast to the typical curved style in traditional Victorian. 

Modern interior design is one of the specialties of our designers here at Project Guru. Incorporating modern home equipment and amenities to other trendy designs as well as streamlining the decorations we want to adapt to our modern lifestyle is what we do best. Talk to us today for your future renovation plans.