Rustic design focuses on natural, unrefined elements and items that present a “raw” feel to the interior.

The focus of this design style is nature. The adoption of timber materials for the interior finishes and furniture would best bring out the key influence of this concept. For example, timber logs could be used as tables or settees to present the rustic style.

In terms of colour palette, homeowners are encouraged to build a collection of subtle colours that is natural and earthy. Green, brown, amber and grey would best fit the theme, with a mixture of caramel and creamy tones.

Special paint effects can be used to the walls to create an aged look to the surface. For example, rock spray paint can be adopted to create an uneven finish and it goes well with the rustic concept.

For the flooring finish, the top recommendations will be timber or stone and it will be best complemented with woven rugs.


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