605 Yishun Street 61

Project Information

Property: HDB Jumbo Flat
Renovation Duration: 10 weeks

Works Included

  • Demolition Work
  • Electrical Work
  • Tiling Work
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Carpentry
  • Paint Job
  • False Ceiling
  • Plumbing Work
  • Glass Work
  • Air-con Works

We were approached by seven designer firms after submitting our quote request through an online platform. In comparison to other ID firms, Project Guru was more professional, sincere and genuine with the things that they had to offer. Their design concepts sounded more practical too. Everything was smooth during the initial phase of the renovation but towards the later phase, we had some problems with their subcontractors who accidentally damaged our tiles and chipped off some expensive wall paints. Although the designer Koh promised to resolve the issues, his contractors were not very obliging and only came to replace the damaged tiles 3 days before we shifted in. The whole house was full of dust so we were really unhappy about that. Koh was very apologetic and took our feedback seriously. He spoke to his contractors and assured us that he will improve on his co-ordinating skills in the future. I must really compliment Koh for being very patient with us by going through every installation process, listening to our needs and giving us good advices. His after sales service is good as well because when our kitchen sink was not sealed up properly causing some water seepage into the cabinet, he came down to inspect and got the defects rectified within a week. He assured us that if something bad happens to the cabinet, he will extend the warranty of the kitchen cabinet for another year.


Punggol Drive

We spoke to more than ten interior firms and found Project Guru to be the only one who was able to provide us with pretty decent ideas and reasonable pricing. Some designers we met were either not articulate, set limitations based on budget, did not follow through, provided us with generic quotations or have terrible showroom conditions. Shawn, on the other hand, was professional and not too pushy. He listened to our needs and worked within our budget. He also rendered a 3D drawing for us and provided us with detailed information. Quotation was concrete with no hidden cost. He collected only $1,000 deposit and allocated a renovation slot for us even though we were 9 months away from the TOP date. Upon TOP, he followed us to see the unit and assisted us in checking for defects and did some measurements at the same time. He assured us that he could complete the house upon our request which was within 1 month. Even though the renovation was carried during peak period between December to January, he managed to deliver within timeline as promised. He was very honest to two of my friends that he had too many projects on hand and was unable to accept any more offers at that moment. He was very flexible about payments as he only collected the remaining payments from me after CNY. There is one hiccup though, in regards to the obstruction of the airflow of the air-con due to the height of the altar. I felt that he could have improvised the situation instead of showing me that the dimensions were as per indicated in the quotation. Nevertheless, this is least of my concern because the end product met my expectations and we are very pleased with the overall process.


One Canberra

My wife’s relative used Project guru for their renovation previously and we really like their design concept which we thought was aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. They came up with a practical proposal for us and the price was within our budget too. Our interior designer, Shawn, has been patient throughout the renovation. We encountered a few minor hiccups along the way but they managed to get them all rectified. The renovation was completed on time as well.

Yong Da

Upper Serangoon View

We came across Project Guru when we were browsing Qanvast to look for interior designers. The reason why we decided to engage their service was because they were quick in response and they were sincere with their proposals. They have been pretty responsible and responsive during the renovation. The workmanship is not bad but lately we had a discussion over an unsatisfactory work so I am still waiting for them to revert.


Waterfront Isle

It was through online research and some social media postings that I came to know about Project Guru. They are a team of professionals who are very knowledgeable. Elton has a clear cut idea of what he was going to do for the renovation. He is certainly a well-versed interior designer who knows his stuffs well. They have a team of proactive people at Project Guru and their quality of work is excellent. I am satisfied having engaged them to be my interior designer.


Tah Ching Road

It was through a referral that I learned about Project Guru and the reason why I engaged them was because their proposal is a value for money. On top of that, the designer, Shawn, is a very polite and service-oriented person. Whenever I expressed my needs and requests, he was forthcoming in letting me know what things are feasible and what are not. Shawn handled all his contractors well, including helping to liaise with a few contractors which I have of my own. In general, their carpentry works are good and I really like how Shawn was always responsive throughout the renovation.


Punggol Drive

My wife and I did not want to spend excessive amount of time looking out for too many interior design firms for comparison so we came to a decision to engage Project Guru pretty fast. Project Guru came to us as a referral from my wife’s ex colleague. During the start of the renovation. there were some hiccups and dissatisfactions, but from there onwards, they took my advices and comments positively and worked towards improving things. Overall, the experience was good and I could see them putting in a lot of effort in their work. Elton was able to give us good ideas and advice on the types of furniture to buy which would suit our home. They took a little long to get the final artist impression out but other than that, we did not encounter much setbacks.

Cheng Jiang

889B Woodlands Drive 50

My friend had good experience with Project Guru previously so they suggested me to check them out. Project Guru is great and Shawn, the interior designer, is able to give me the things that I was looking to do for my office. Shawn makes the whole renovation process easier for me because he was the one liaising with all the parties involved, like dealing with the subcontractors. No major issues occurred during the renovation and even if there were any issues, Shawn would always rectify them.


CT Hub 2

I knew Project Guru from Facebook. I did my homework and got a few quotations for comparison. Project Guru came back with reasonable price and included complimentary items at discretion. On top of that, the materials that they provided are better than others. Project Guru was responsive throughout the renovation period and very easy to work with.


Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1

It was great working with Tony because he is a very patient person. He will take his time to look into any issues that arose. I did trouble him a couple of times when the renovation works were not done to how I wanted them to be, but Tony was very understanding and he would always be willing to make the necessary changes. His designs are also very nice and modern.


Bedok North Road

Project Guru’s service is excellent! Elton was very quick to respond to all my queries and if there were any problems that we encountered, he would get them solved almost immediately. There were some small issues with his subcontractors but he would iron out the problems for us. Elton is a very professional person and he is very calm when he speaks so he has an air of confidence around him, which made us comfortable engaging him to be our interior designer.


Punggol Drive

I looked around Qanvast to source for interior designers and Project Guru is one of the fastest to get back to me. They gave me a reasonable quotation to work with so I decided to select them for my renovation. There were a few delays here and there occasionally but other than that, everything went very smoothly. Elton was great at following up with me by promptly resolving any issues that I faced.


Chai Chee Road

I worked with Tony Chen and Elton Then for my renovation and I am glad that we have had a good working relationship together throughout the process. When I first spoke to them, they were very attentive to all the details which I have communicated to them. They would look into and assess any feedback that I had given them. For any issues that arose during the renovation, they would consult me first so that we could come up with the best alternative to resolve the issues. There was no delay in the renovation so everything was delivered on time in the end.


Shunfu Road

Before I decided to engage Project Guru, I did talk to a few other companies but I preferred having someone more personal to handle my home renovation for me. Since I knew Shawn from Project Guru personally, it was easy talking with him and I could easily communicate my ideas to him. We had some adjustments along the way but Shawn was very easy-going about the changes and he will get the work done or rectified accordingly. Even after the renovation was completed, we could simply feedback to him any defects that we have found and he would get his people to fix the issues.


Punggol Field

I used Qanvast to look for interior designers and I started approaching a few ID companies with portfolio that I like. I approached quite a number of ID companies but after comparing quotes and designs, what Project Guru could propose to me was the most value-for-money. On top of that, I could connect and easily communicate my ideas with Elton so I felt comfortable engaging him to be my interior designer. Elton is a very helpful and easy-going person. When there were any miscommunications between Project Guru and their contractors, Elton would rectify the issues right after I pointed out to them. He gave me a lot of nice ideas that I could do for my home and the outcome turned out better than what I had imagined!


Dawson Road

My friends who have previously engaged Project Guru were satisfied with their services so they recommended them to me. My wife and I talked to at least a few different ID companies but we felt most comfortable talking with Elton from Project Guru. He could understand our ideas and gave us creative design inputs. The pricing was also reasonable. For any issues that we face, Elton gave us good suggestions on how we can go about solving the issues.


Yishun Ring Road

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