Minimalistic design emphasizes on the simplicity in designs with clean lines and extended open spaces. The essence lies in minimalism is to strip things down to their essential elements. There should be no fanciful details such as moldings, cabinet trimming, excessive use of colour or textiles.

This design style could be achieved with the adoption of mainly horizontal and vertical straight lines, complemented with only the primary colours such as red, yellow and blue, together with black, white and grey tones. Glass is frequently used to blur the boundaries between room segments to create an “open” feel, and to maximize the inflow of natural lights into the space.

It is recommended that only the essential furniture and items are kept in the room, excessive and cluttered decorative accessories would be out of the picture in the minimalist style. Storage cabinets should adopt a colour tone that could be blended well with the backdrops to create a seamless feel.

In minimalist design style, always remember “less is more”.


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