Industrial style poses an image of unfinished look and focuses on combining raw, rough surfaces with clean, flat surfaces. This design style was established from the industrial revolution era and basically a showcase for everything related to industry and fabrication.

To go for this interior style, homeowners should avoid cluttering up the space with lots of furniture and items. If really there are too many stuff to keep, make sure you have a well planned storage or cabinets for them.

Industrial style is very popular among younger generations as it allows the homeowners to achieve the look on a budget. Cement screeding walls and floor are often used in this style, and most importantly, they would cut down significantly on your renovation budget. Moreover, old industrial looking items, mainly made from wood or metal, are the highly sought-after items for the industrial style home.

Stay away from bright and bold colours. Warm and neutral tones are well suited in the industrial style. The combination of grey and white tones would work very well to produce an impressive clean look.


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