The essentials of a contemporary interior design rely on the space, colour and shape which are sleek and fresh. Curvy and sweeping lines are often adopted to create a trendy look to the space. Its design elements are always related to what is new and current.

Neutrals, black, and white are the essential colours. Dark colours are recommended on floors, with walls painted in basic neutral colours, complemented with bold coloured accessories for a contrasting look.

Simple and clean walls are recommended, avoid wallpapers with complicated designs. A combination of a clean flat painted wall with some fabulous artwork would work best to bring out this interior style.

Keep the space clean and uncluttered to ensure that each item or furniture has its own territory. Furniture ranges from wood, metal and glass can be well blended into the style, but bear in mind to avoid adopting items with excessive ornamentation.

Contemporary design ideas are non-static and constantly evolving over time. This would mean more opportunities for you to alter the look of your home from time to time.


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